Love is

Loving all of you,
Opened my eyes to beautiful.
Victory in all they said we could not be.
Endlessly wrapped up, in the warmth of our embrace.



© A.L. McCarthy
All Rights Reserved




I want to be your hiding place
the place you fit all your insecurities
so I can mold them like clay
and send them back to you
each day
Turned into all you don’t think you are
I want to show you your strength
like strong currents
in the deepest of seas
Get down on my knees 
and lift you….up
on your lowest days
when the sun doesn’t shine
when the dark becomes your comfort
Becoming your light
I will fight against your tides
swim through all your tears
soaking them up
erasing your fears
..I wish you saw yourself through my eyes

and the beauty that illuminates from your soul.


Art Work by: Kat Zaphire

 © A.L. McCarthy
All Rights Reserved






This life is not my own
I shall lay it at His feet
along with worldly treasure
no longer shall I seek
For how He walks with me
along this narrow road
as my thoughts reach up to Heaven
upon which I’ve been bestowed
what better treasures lay, but there
what blissful peace for me
For when He calls me home, at last
to blessed eternity





A.L. McCarthy
All Rights Reserved


City Lights

Why do we sit and hold the ache
from life and loss, we stay awake
For days will spring a brighter bloom
New paths that we will take and soon
Why do we sit in gloomy thought
(our worrier stance must fall)
of things that have not happened yet
(if they shall at all)
Why not ride the tide of light
that conquers the dark hue
From depression that grasps its hand on us
and mocks what we should do
So lets look into the city lights
and live and breath and love
and hold onto hope and faith
with help from up above



© A.L. McCarthy
All Rights Reserved


You never love the same way twice
and oh, how that is true
for I never thought I’d fall in love
the way I fell for you
My soul it sings our song so clear
our love, my heart does sigh
and fills it up…serenity
for it shall never die
Two souls that merged as one
so sweet..
God blessed the day that we did meet



A.L. McCarthy
All Rights Reserved